Why Steampunk Focuses on the Past and Future

Creating a visionary world that exists in the shadow of both a Past and Present plane requires detail and an expansive imagination. The success of Steampunk lies in its ability to transport thoughts within an illusion that has been intricately crafted. The story of Steampunk began as a notion until creative minds brought it to life. Consistent contributions of theories, ideologies and stylish fantasy have been brought together to formulate the popular genre.

With the help of Jules Verne’s Journeys to the modern mind, Steampunk has acquired its own identity. The time period of any tale reflects the plot, tells a story and defines an envisioned setting. The backdrop of Steampunk was not specifically planned. As the threads came together, they formed a vivid image. The genre took a step through a portal and has remained a favorite for several generations.

The Timing of Steampunk

A question often pondered is why Steampunk is set in both the past and specific future. The answer is speculated based on many thoughts and direction. The famous creativity that led us down a Steampunk path did not originally intend to classify an entire culture. A collage effect emerged that was swirled in ideas. Each story that stands at the foundation of Steampunk offered a different perspective. Building the details became a priority in expanding a presence. During the earlier decades, the future was left to hope and wonderment.

Unsure what advances would be made in ten years made it difficult to predict the next fifty. Taking novel concepts and innovating them seemed logical. Steam was a resource used for a multitude of purposes. Over the years, electricity and new inventions surpassed the notions of Steampunk. This kept the time in line in the only way it would work. An alternate world or place allows it to find a space in their own classification.  Futuristic attributes do not need to conform or be exact. What happens in a Steampunk world is in perfect alignment without a standard of our current reality.

Seamlessly Steampunk

Efforts to keep continuity with the theme is found in storyline’s fashion sense. Victorian styles are the focus giving us a piece of the past. Science meets the sewing machine with top hats and gadget designs. Goggles to boots, Steampunk lends a true hand to inspiration. While the look may be primarily Victorian, the hands of the clock seem to move differently than what we are used to. Past and Future endeavors merge together for a seamlessly timeless result.

Each generation has their claim to fame and fan bases. Authors such as Tolkien and Rowling have transported us from the day to extraordinary places in the fantasy realm. Steampunk on the other hand has stretched above and beyond while uniting Vernians and Science buffs with an everyday personality. From the eccentric to elite, there is a home inside of the Steampunk scope. It can be said that this particular genre merges different contrasting ideas in wonderful ways.