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Three Steampunk Movies That May Surprise You

The film industry has the ability to travel through and explore the world in multiple perspectives. The ever changing movie scenes make it easy for audiences to envision and imagine beyond time.

Three Steampunk Movies That May Surprise You

. Steampunk is a distinctive class that combines the truest ideals with a whimsy of historical alterations. Steampunk has taken the entertainment business by storm. From steam powered trains to fashion, this particular genre has made its way from a concept to the screens. There are three  major films that exhibit a brilliant example of a Steampunk way of life. If you are at all curious of the peculiar craze, you may be surprised that the titles are most likely on your list of faves. Making the connection is not always apparent, until you take a closer look.

Harry Potter Series

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is a prime example of an AHA! moment. The culture of the wizarding world takes a magical cue from Steampunk. Thinking on the details, you will remember the Weasleys with gears and gadgets that filled the curious home. If you venture down the trail of Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade, you will see a display of shops and oddities that are not quite past or present. Steampunk style is shown through the whole series. Who can forget the Malfoys debonair ensembles or the eccentric flair of Bellatrix Lestrange. On an opposite end of the light, the Weasley twins take an inventive twist with their own shop that has all the bells and whistles to point us in a Steampunk direction.

League of Extraordinary Gentleman

This story of heroes and villains places us in a past setting. The legends are brought together to defeat a nemesis and they do it with extraordinary style. You can see a blend of true to the time fashions and a modernistic touch. The fantasy of gadgets and creative mechanisms is a neat peek into a Steampunk trend. Long coats, vests and hats are the mark of a gentleman and a superhero in this case. The threads of differing periods and a stretch of ingenious applications of resources are a Steampunk specialty.

Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events

Follow the three Baudelaire children as they face misfortune in an unfortunate sequence. The base of the story is a place out of time making the Steampunk aesthetics a splendor of visuals. Tinkering and tidbits of strange effects, pair with the unfamiliar setting. Dynamic baubles and gears leave the minds flowing of what could really exist. The Steampunk notion is slighter than some, yet this film still holds it own in the genre.

Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events

The End of The Reel

Movies tend to draw the eye in a visual display of trends and fads. Steampunk is neither as it is a piece of the past, present and future. This sensationally creative philosophy has a classic and timeless quality that will never go out of style.