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The Symbolic Statements of Steampunk

The steampunk genre has quietly become an enigmatic phenomenon. When you look past the top hats, you find an intriguing perspective that has its own defining elements. There is evidence through modern books, movies and shows that indicate Steampunk has broken through the ranks. The illusionary world seems more real than imagined.

The Symbolic Statements of Steampunk

A Victorian presence with an edge of novelty creates the base of a Steampunk way of life. The Element in Steampunk are so logical they brim into the realm of imaginative. From clothes to trinketed inventions, bringing Steampunk to this day and age has been a simple transition. You can recognize iconic symbols through its detail and origination.

Elements of Steampunk

Contraptions and what nots are popularly embraced in the Steampunk culture. Without electricity or gas, simple contemporary items are transformed. Steampunk keeps us up to date while mingling with the yester years of old. Steam is a major component in how essential items are operated. Natural oils and gear turning tricks are a close second in Steampunk inventions.

Elements of Steampunk

An interesting Steampunk tidbit is the materials used for the created gadgets. Elite extravagance is the theme for most Steampunk stylings. Embellished and polished brass, woods, copper, glass and leather are the utilized choices. Plastics and faux items are not encouraged as they denote a different era and trend. Originality and quality go hand in hand when it comes to Steampunk products and fascinations. Toasters to timepieces are proven to be functional and effective. Spinning, winding and steam powered constructions are just the beginning when brilliance and innovation meet.

Etiquette and Steampunk Style

A simpler time with the finesse of romantic gestures intertwines with a proper display of Steampunk etiquette and style. Antiquated charms embrace both sides of chivalry and femininity. The men dress and behave as gentleman with a pocket watch in one hand and the chair held out in the other. Small yet forgotten gestures such as tipping their hat, throwing a coat over a puddle and assisting a lady in her step are enveloped gracefully in a Steampunk lifestyle. Females as a whole are strong with a gentle touch. They wear a collaboration of materials, ruffles and elegance. Don’t let their curtsy and sway fool you, they are quick to defend their own honor as needed. Pins, jewelry and accessories are made of Steampunk symbolisms such as clocks, animals from a faraway time and classic glasses or goggles. This nostalgic values are brought back to our current reality as a reminder of what we have lost and stand to regain. Steampunk is full of science fiction theories and wonders. When you perceive all of the Elements, it gives a brief glance at what the world was almost like before the technological age took precedence.


Many find themselves immersed in a Steampunk setting. Enchanting hints and notes are seen throughout the everyday mundane. It is up to you to leave these ideals behind or carry them with you into a thoughtful future.