The Steampunk Difference

Steampunk as a concept is misunderstood on many levels. The ideals and philosophy have been branded as simply punk or gothic which has become fuel for the fire. Those who oppose the rising of the genre feel it is a theory that promotes anarchy among political and religious views. Understandably, some of the misguided notions are largely due to the hazy representations Steampunk has had. Telling the difference of styles and philosophies will define the lines once and for all.

The Physical Appearance of Steampunk

You may see confusion between certain Punk, Gothic and Steampunk cultures. The former two of the trio tends to lean towards the brooding with a sense of an eclectic rebellion in the seams. The theme of black is traced with the tears and blood as they make a statement of unified individuality and independence from the mainstream. The similarities to Steampunk are found within some of the styles that have become interchangeable. Victorian trenches and tails or ruffles are commonly seen across the board. Steampunk and clothing are rather opposite of their counterparts. Touched with a Neo-Vintage  appeal, Steampunk as a whole is creative, trendy and spirited. Old fashioned and futuristic, they collaborate together on the runway giving the theme its own style.

The Philosophy of Steampunk

As previously mentioned, Steampunk is largely inspired by Victorian times. It leads to the curiosity of how much of the Victorian lifestyle has come to the future with it. The era in question was a remarkable time, however had its corners of darkness that have been deemed unacceptable in modern society. There was little regard for the dignity of humans as they had erroneous behaviors towards children, different races and women in general. The lifestyle of old has been corrected when it comes to Steampunk. Those who are immersed in the alternate reality believe in the honor and strength of all individuals. It is undeniably an optimistic and hopeful thought process that makes Steampunk standout above the rest.

A Steampunk View

Steampunk is a world that holds morality and ethics in high regard. This follows through in their treatment of others and the earth around them. Ladies and gentleman are just that. They do not become involved in what is considered less than dignified. The Earths resources are conserved with a practice of recycling and reusing most items. When religion is discussed, there is a fine line of a higher system and surroundings. Relying on the senses and intuitive awareness, Steampunk is defined as Spiritual without reverence for a specific deity or power.

Punk and Goth Genres have little to do with actual Steampunk. From intention to lifestyle, notable differences are evident between them. Steampunk promotes positivity and hope for the parallel future. The only real common truth they share is the disagreement for how the worlds culture has charted its course. If the current society took cues from Steampunk, we may find ourselves on a path to a better way of life.