The Professions of Steampunk

Steampunk is a genre that inspires the imagination. An entire culture that resembles a paralleled universe that exists opposite of our world. You can muse taking a step through a mirror and coming out of the other side with a top hat and laced up boots. In this realm, the streets will appear a bit different than what you are used to. Swift surroundings will be altered to meet the lifestyle of steampunk as you can hear the stream train coming around the bend. Looking around, neighbors and folks of the city pass each other while they hustle and bustle to their destination. In this new domain, you may watch and wonder where they are all going with their bags and cases. In some cases shoppers will rush by you with their bags of treasures and in other scenarios many will be heading to their places of work. The Professions of Steampunk are a collaboration of sophistication and innovation.

Life in a Steampunk society has a certain flair for novelty. In even the most common of Professions, originality is a keen part of the job description. With a Victorian spirit and Steampunk style, the work day begins with a turn of gears and time on your pocket watch.


In any setting, Doctors are essential for communities. In Steampunk, Doctors will have an inquisitive mind that finds solutions in chemistry and biology without the help of technology. Alternative cures and diagnostics will have a fresh outlook on your prognosis.


Inventiveness puts the Steam in the Punk. Inventors are the center of the genre creating new innovations and devices. Gadgets, gears and of course steam are the three main components in an Inventors arsenal. From a labs to workshops, the goggles come on and the light of invention begins.


An important Steampunk profession is the genius work of Engineers. The inside view of how a Steampunk world thrives lies in the blueprints. Inventors and Engineers thrive side by side as steps are taken into a new era.


Hats and clothing have a charming twist in the ruffle that only be designed by the crafty hands of a clothier. Men and women alike obtain their fashions from a personal designer or shop in the center of town. Accessories, shoes and boots are paired with a Steampunk appeal.


Planes, trains and boats are expertly navigated by trained professionals. As a main source of transportation among the masses, Steam operations are utilized to get from one place to another. Travel may not be as prevalent in this world, yet it is an important piece of the Steampunk puzzle.


Learning is a never-ending cycle at any age. Educators will have a different content than what we know in current trends. History, Science, Math and Geography would have a very different view. Literature works and artistic displays will be enchanted with the essence of Steampunk. Granted, there are more smaller roles of occupation, but these are the ones you will most likely find within the confines of the genre.