The First Electric Steampunk Motorcycle

Environmental protection has become a global issue. A lot of companies and institutions are thinking about how they can make their future as CO2-neutral as possible. Naturally, transport plays a vital role in these plans. There are no doubts that the emissions of motor vehicles are responsible for a significant proportion of the CO2 concentration. One solution to this problem could be electric vehicles. The number of electric cars is constantly increasing. Many famous car brands are getting involved into this trend.

Now, they are following the example of Tesla, as a result, many new electric car models are brought into the market. This upheaval is a little more challenging with motorcycles. After all, the sound of the engines is a crucial incentive for driving one. But even the father of all motorcycles, Harley Davidson, already offers electric motorcycles and the company would like to promote this product range further. Recently, another manufacturer from the USA has followed suit and presented the first electric steampunk motorcycle.

No Sound, But Great Design

Specifically, it is the American motorcycle manufacturer Curtiss. This company had already presented a few sensational designs of electric motorcycles in the past, but now the engineers have outdone themselves. The model of Curtiss One has no roaring engine, but its design is still impressive. It is not a motorcycle for the masses. The designers based the new model on a retro-futuristic design called steampunk and they were following motorcycle tendencies from the 1920s. The brand, which was established only in 2018, has taken another bold step.

No Sound, But Great Design
No Sound, But Great Design

If you look at the design, you immediately notice the central body with the cooling fins. But what looks like the engine is the battery cell. The supporting structure forms the battery shell together with the electric motor. Two large frames made of aluminium hold the whole motorcycle body together. A curved Hossack fork takes over the guidance of the front wheel and the strut for the rear is above the battery.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Although the motorcycle looks outdated at first glance, it is built using state-of-the-art equipment. It weighs just over 200 kilograms. The company installed an electric motor with a duration of 64 kW / 87 PS and a peak output of 88 kW / 120 PS . The motorcycle manufacturer will increase the performance to 160 kW/ 217 PS with successor models. The manufacturer has not yet published the battery power, but one can assume that, as usual, they used a 16.8 kWh battery with a range of up to 450 kilometers.

The Curtiss One is limited to just 15 units. The Founder’s edition currently costs 95,000 Euros. The plan for the next year is to introduce two new models to the market. The company is keeping up with their steampunk idea to the smallest details and, as a result, the planned versions are called Blonde and Black. These new motorcycles should be available at prices starting from 74,000 Euros. Blonde will have a metallic sheen and the Black is self-explanatory based on the name.