The Steampunk Difference

Steampunk as a concept is misunderstood on many levels. The ideals and philosophy have been branded as simply punk or gothic which has become fuel for the fire. Those who oppose the rising of the genre feel it is a theory that promotes anarchy among political and religious views. Understandably, some of the misguided notionscontinue reading

The Professions of Steampunk

Steampunk is a genre that inspires the imagination. An entire culture that resembles a paralleled universe that exists opposite of our world. You can muse taking a step through a mirror and coming out of the other side with a top hat and laced up boots. In this realm, the streets will appear a bitcontinue reading

Steampunk in Animation

Steampunk has its place in almost every medium available in the entertainment industry. Books, films, video games, comics and even boards games all have a great variety of different properties that fall into the steampunk category and there are some fantastic titles each. That being said I don’t think any medium is quite as ablecontinue reading

Life in a Steampunk Society

Living in a Steampunk society would have all of the tidings of a Victorian era combined with a futuristic perspective. If you look at the everyday lifestyles in a modern world, we see  an abundance of convenience. Electronics and technology have cornered the market with a push of a button concept. Imagining a Steampunk spincontinue reading

The Symbolic Statements of Steampunk

The steampunk genre has quietly become an enigmatic phenomenon. When you look past the top hats, you find an intriguing perspective that has its own defining elements. There is evidence through modern books, movies and shows that indicate Steampunk has broken through the ranks. The illusionary world seems more real than imagined.

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The True Steampunk Fashion

Fashion trends tend to come and go …. and then come back again. The classic beige will be here today and replaced by an all new rage for the next season. It is not often there is a design that claims an entire vision or world of its own.

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