Life in a Steampunk Society

Living in a Steampunk society would have all of the tidings of a Victorian era combined with a futuristic perspective. If you look at the everyday lifestyles in a modern world, we see  an abundance of convenience. Electronics and technology have cornered the market with a push of a button concept. Imagining a Steampunk spin on society transitions these amenities with alternate conversions.

Steampunk is a theory that is full of twists and turns. Gears and cranks are must have components in many of the items found in Steampunk. Water mills and steam are natural resources that is both readily available and renewable. Through experimentation it is found that smaller mobile items have proven harder to engineer as they do not have the means to heat water as easily as larger innovations. It is a work in progress for many who tinker with Steampunk essentials.  Stationary pieces can be allocated to a designated area where the necessities are set up for the day.

Steampunk Gadgets

A Steampunk way of life would still include all of your favorites. The kitchen may look like a small laboratory at times, however Steampunk can be fully functional. When it comes to gadgets, a flip of the switch will become more of manual endeavor. Grinding and winding your way to dinner will include presses and non-electrical appliances. Levers will replace the typical buttons while steam generated motions are put into place. If you picture your home as it is now and replace the mainstream electricity with alternative sources, you will feel you have went back in time with one foot in the door of tomorrow. We would see more pedal operated machineries that resemble the early days of sewing machines and washers. Steampunk is ultimately simplistic in terms with a complex design.

A Steampunk Perception

How we see entertainment and travel would ride the lines of a very different scene than what we know now. An upsurge in theatrical presentations could be expected to succeed films or television shows. Hollywood will get a makeover that renovates the process of how the industry works. The use of our senses would escalate without the overwhelming sensations of technology. The Victorian era was a time period of smelling the roses and using visual cues to see the world.

This lifestyle naturally composes our interactions. One of the many declines we have seen in modern days is the demand and take cycle. Instant gratification presents situations where life is expected instead of earned. Steampunk has the mentality to approach our thinking in all that we do. There may be a few extra steps to take, yet steampunk has the right idea of what could have been.

We read it in books and see the movies letting our imagination roam freely in the Steampunk genre. It is an opportunity to evaluate ourselves and the daily contributions that mark our presence . To some, Steampunk is nothing more than a Science Fiction fable. To others, it is a glimmer of hope that can coexist in our world.