The First Electric Steampunk Motorcycle

The First Electric Steampunk Motorcycle

Environmental protection has become a global issue. A lot of companies and institutions are thinking about how they can make their future as CO2-neutral as possible. Naturally, transport plays a vital role in these plans. There are no doubts that the emissions of motor vehicles are responsible for a significant proportion of the CO2 concentration.continue reading

Steampunk Games You Will Love

Thief I’m not just talking about the first game in the series but all of them, even the latest entry (sure it may be the worst of the bunch but if you have nothing better to do and are looking for a steampunk fix then its worth a shot). In this series you play ascontinue reading

A Guide to Steampunk Shades

Round Framed Shades Perhaps the most common of sunglasses worn by those wishing to achieve the Steampunk look are those that come with round frames. These have two completely circular lenses, similar to those most famously worn by John Lennon during his solo years. These are possibly so popular as it’s one of the oldestcontinue reading

Why Steampunk Focuses on the Past and Future

Creating a visionary world that exists in the shadow of both a Past and Present plane requires detail and an expansive imagination. The success of Steampunk lies in its ability to transport thoughts within an illusion that has been intricately crafted. The story of Steampunk began as a notion until creative minds brought it tocontinue reading

Everyone Should Read Steampunk Comics

Reaching for a Comic Book will give you an illustrative reading experience. Through the course of the years, Comics have evolved from a singular theme to a dynamic revolution of events. The wide array of topics and genres range from dramatic scenes to our favorite caped heroes. Among the ingenious renditions and original visions, Steampunkcontinue reading

Is Steampunk Safe for Children?

Children cycle through different interests as they grow. One day may be dedicated to caped crusaders while the next presents a new phase of possibilities. Steampunk is a setting that appeals to a diverse group of readers. Adults and Children of all ages are captivated by the fantasy life that mixes science with an alternatecontinue reading

The Steampunk Difference

Steampunk as a concept is misunderstood on many levels. The ideals and philosophy have been branded as simply punk or gothic which has become fuel for the fire. Those who oppose the rising of the genre feel it is a theory that promotes anarchy among political and religious views. Understandably, some of the misguided notionscontinue reading

The Professions of Steampunk

Steampunk is a genre that inspires the imagination. An entire culture that resembles a paralleled universe that exists opposite of our world. You can muse taking a step through a mirror and coming out of the other side with a top hat and laced up boots. In this realm, the streets will appear a bitcontinue reading

Life in a Steampunk Society

Living in a Steampunk society would have all of the tidings of a Victorian era combined with a futuristic perspective. If you look at the everyday lifestyles in a modern world, we see  an abundance of convenience. Electronics and technology have cornered the market with a push of a button concept. Imagining a Steampunk spincontinue reading