Aerodrome Adventurers

Soon members will be able to add their profiles and connect to other Punkaneers. For now take a look at some of our most famous members.


Doctor Dane

Dr. Harold Dane

Boffin Corps Administrator

On the surface, Dr. Harold Dane is dull, every inch the consummate bureaucrat. He is the Administrator of the Aerodrome’s Scientific Corps (commonly called Boffin Corps) and the primary science adviser for the CCA Founders Board. In person, Dr. Dane is a timid and retiring man. When forced into conversation he is most comfortable discussing scientific issues and bureaucratic minutia.

Behind the scenes, Dr. Dane is one of the Aerodrome’s major power brokers. He revels in his role as gate-keeper to the highest level of resources and support, but he is also capricious and ruthless to those who stand in his way. He rarely acts openly, preferring to cloak his true motives in storms of red tape. Many a venture has failed or succeeded based on the subtle influences of Dr. Dane.

He works tirelessly to advance the cause of science, and to that end, he is much more adept at wrangling the eccentric personalities that make up not only the Corps, but also the CCA Board than he publicly lets on. Although feigns ingornace, Dr. Dane secretly fosters many of the “mad” science experiments in the Aerodrome. His own studies are eclectic, focusing on diverse anthropological ventures, but also medicine and physiology. They often seem to cause more trouble than even his official powers can completely cover up.

Gentleman Jack

Mr Augustus Olivier McInnis

Adventurer. Gambler. Scoundrel. Each of these is a more fitting description than the “Gentleman” that Jack chooses to call himself.

He was born Augustus Olivier McInnis. His father was an engineer from Scotland, working on extensive public works projects in North Africa. While surveying a building site, he had a dalliance with an Algerian woman and a member of the Dey’s household staff. As a young boy, Augustus grew up visiting his father’s desert construction sites and being read blueprints instead of bedtime stories.

When he reached school age Augustus was sent home to Scotland and educated at Edinburgh. He was declared a child prodigy in math and had an intuitive understanding of mechanics and engineering. His father was encouraged by the reports from his son’s teachers and fully expected Augustus to join him in the field.

This was not to be. At University Augustus heard stories of magic. He was young and rash and decided to chase after these rumors of the dark arts. He pursued these passions (and others) into blind alleys and more than one life-or-death situation. He made the sort of associations that would have guaranteed expulsion, if he hadn’t already dropped out to explore more attractive, and certainly more buxom, options.

Now a decade older, with a cooler head (and the rash nearly healed) Gentleman Jack has earned a reputation. And at least 3 other aliases. He has resumed his study of both math and magic. He has applied those disciplines to understanding the control and manipulation of dimensional portals. Having read several of Dr. Dane’s papers on time-flux theory Gentleman Jack has come to the Aerodrome to further his research. Since his arrival he has become a regular visitor to Madame Belle-and her laboratory.


Ms Eveline

Eveline….. only daughter of the eminent physicist Febe (Phoebe to you gentle readers) Sky. Great -granddaughter of an esteemed Caballero of Aragon.

Father: Geraldo Sky who is never spoken of.

Uncle Ramon - no hidalgo and barely a gentleman. Trustee of the Sky estate until Eveline’s emancipation upon her 25th birthday.

Phoebe - missing after the last energy flare incident in her lab 16 months ago.

While Eveline knows her mother loved – still loves! - her, Eveline has spent most of her short life alone with novels for company as her mother worked long and erratic hours on research she has always refused to discuss in detail.

First a series of governesses attempted to curb Eveline’s fantastic imagination, and then the ladies finishing tutors at the convent school in Aragon …. None have seemed to have much impact on our dear heroine.


Upon word of her mother’s disappearance, Uncle Ramon has moved into the house the “watch over things” and last month he insisted Eveline return home rather than “waste any more money and time stuffing her head with nonsense and her mouth with sweets.”

As Eveline often mis-quotes dramatically (to herself): "For mother and father are gone and uncles are never to be trusted!“

This doesn’t mean Eveline is unintelligent - quite the contrary. However, Eveline is so often alone with her thoughts, she has difficulty separating the stories she has read in novels from the events going on around her. In truth, Eveline has spent much of her short life bored silly and retreated into stories far more exciting and fantastic than her reality. She views her world through lenses shaded by the latest works of Radcliffe, Hugo, and even (until found by the governess and burned) the Monk by Lewis.


With no pin money to spend on novels and no friends to socialize with, Eveline has had her fill of days spent mourning her mother and avoiding her uncle. She delves into her mother’s papers and journals looking for whatever it was Phoebe was pursuing so determinedly.

As she begins to piece together the events leading up to the temporal flare incident, Eveline finds herself becoming as driven as her mother. Of the few items she has that were her mother’s one is the large ring that Eveline is sure was her father’s. Though her mother never spoke of him, she kept this ring with her, on a chain on her neck and it was the only thing left on the lab floor by a mirror after her mother disappeared in that energy flare.

Madame Belle

Madame Belle Breeze

Proprietress of Madame Belle's Manor

Madame Belle is the preeminent name in hospitality at the Aerodrome. She and her staff of ladies and gentlemen welcome guests from multiple time-streams to her magnificent house, which accommodates guests for just an afternoon of delight or for a longer stay. Discerning patrons of, regardless of gender, rave about the quality of entertainment available at this most orderly of disorderly houses.

Madame Belle has a keen interest in scientific matters. She funds a fitted laboratory in the basement of her guest house. Belle’s particular interest lies in the theoretical implications of time-stream physics, but her staff makes use of the lab for all manner of experiments. Under her watchful eye they make inquires into mechanics, chemistry, metaphysics and the electrical sciences with an eye towards future product developments. One exciting line of inquiry includes experimental prototyping of an extremely thin rubber that may offer countless applications.

In her spare time, Madame Belle delights in acquiring jewels, admirers, and valuable bits of information.